Energy Management

Knowledge is Power

If you use a lot of electricity you may want to consider investing in an energy management system. This easy to install system allows you to fully understand at a glance on your PC, tablet or smartphone exactly what is using electricity in your home, office, B&B.

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Energy Management System – Taking Control of Your Energy Costs

Fuel costs have been increasing at an alarming cost for the last 5 years. We’re not here to scaremonger or frighten you into buying things that you don’t need – we’ll leave that for others to do.

Get your last annual electricity statement out and find out how much electricity you have been using.  If you can’t find it ring your utility company – they will tell you over the phone.  If you are using over 6,000kwh you’re using almost double the energy that average UK home is using.

According to Which electricity use falls into 3 general categories:

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Electricity Meter – How Often Do you Read Yours?

Low user – approximately 2,100 kwh

Medium user – approximately 3,300 kwh

High user – approximately 5,100 kwh.

For every 1,000 kwh you go over the average it costs between £130 and £180 depending on how much you pay for your electricity/kwh.  So knowing what you’re using and when can help you keep on top of your energy costs.

The figures for our customers vary between 2,500 for our very economical customers to 11,000 for a family of four who couldn’t seem to find the off button for anything!

An Energy Management System for the customers using 2,500 kwh a year would be a waste of money.  However, if the family using 11,000 kwh a year could work out exactly what they were using and reduce their energy use by even 1,000 kwh Energy Management would pay for itself in 2 years.