Have we installed many solar panels in Cumbria?  Well we’ve installed well over 1000 solar panels since we started in 2010. If you check out our map page and testimonial page you’ll see why we work where we do.  Our customers recommend us to their friends and family and that’s why you see natural clusters of work on the map.

We care about the best solar panel installation for you – not the easiest for us.

Solar Panels in Cumbria

Solar Panels in Maryport

What that means in reality is that we don’t buy in “deal of the day” panels that are regularly on offer along with the “flavour of the month” inverters and then sell them to you as the best option for solar panels in Cumbria.  Why?

It’s simple really – do you have the same furniture, car, food, as your family or go on the same holidays as your friends and neighbours? No?  Why should you expect to buy exactly the same panel/inverter combination then?  I know we live in Cumbria but we’re not sheep!

We are proud to be Panasonic Premium Installersthe only ones in Cumbria. Approximately half of our customers install Panasonic solar panels.  The quality and build of the panels is second to none and the combination of monocrystalline cells with thin film means that you can often get more power from a small roof with Panasonic than with any other panel.  We’ve been installing Panasonic since we started installing solar panels in Cumbria in 2010 and our customers are delighted with them.

We also install German and Korean panels.  The vast majority of our installations are with black solar panels, we find they fit much better visually with the Cumbrian landscape and we’ve been installing then since early 2011.

Your choice of both solar panel and inverter is important.  What many people forget is that most people will change their cars, furniture, kitchens & bathrooms several times in comparison to buying solar panels once.  The panels will stay on your roof for around 40 years so it makes sense to choose your panels wisely.

Choice of inverter is also important, on a normal system you’d expect to change your inverter in 10 – 15 years.  Again it’s essential to balance cost today, with performance of 10, 15, perhaps 20 years.  We can help you make an informed choice about what is best for you.  The majority of systems we install these days are Solaredge have a look and you’ll see why our customers love them.

We’re local – just a phone call/email away if you have any queries.

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