We DON’T install solar panels anymore – unfortunately government cuts to the Feed in Tariff made domestic installations in Cumbria very difficult to justify in economic terms.  As a business it costs us a lot to stay registered and we aren’t the sort of business to sell something so we can stay in business.  So we have returned to our roots are are working on domestic electrical work.

We’ve installed well over 1000 solar panels since we started in 2010. If you check out our map page and testimonial page you’ll see why we work where we do.  Our customers recommend us to their friends and family and that’s why you see natural clusters of work on the map.

We DO replace and repair solar inverters in North Cumbria if we can and of course we continue to look after all of our solar customers all over Cumbria.  So if you have an issue with an inverter and your installer has gone bust (as many unfortunately have) give us a ring and if we can help we will.