Solar Gadgets

First thing’s first.  We’re not out to sell you lots of gadgets and gizmo’s that don’t work but that will make us a bigger profit – that’s not the way we work.  There are all sorts of solar gadgets out there claiming to do all sorts of things.  We test everything first ourselves and if it works then we’ll offer it to our customers, confident in the product’s ability to deliver.

Here’s a couple of the best..

Solar Thermal (Hot Water) Alternative

If you’re out at work through the day most days of the week,  you are unlikely to use all of the electricity that your solar panels generate.  It may be worthwhile having a look at one of our immersion heater diverters, to make sure you use every scrap of energy that you generate.  It’s a fraction of the cost of solar thermal panels and doesn’t need extra room on your roof.

You need to have installed or be installing a solar pv system that is bigger than 3kwp.  You also need to have a stored hot water tank with an immersion heater.  If you’ve got or are getting both of these then it may be worth having a chat with us about one of these solar gadgets.


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Solar thermal alternative for customers with solar pv and an existing immersion heater.

After having  three solar panel  systems installed by Solway Renewable Energy a device called an Immersun was suggested to  accompany two of the systems  that might use excess electric  production to heat water. The device was simple to install and has from installation in April until the middle of October supplied all the hot water for a busy household( 530 KwH) saving on gas and solid fuel  . In my opinion the Immersun is the icing on the cake and is a financially viable device that has a part to play in the future.”  David Bowe

Solar Monitoring

Ok, this sounds a bit daft but before we load the cost of your installation with another couple of hundred pounds for a solar monitor,  take a minute to consider whether you’re going to watch the monitor for long enough to justify the extra cost.

Some people undoubtedly will benefit from these solar gadgets, BUT many people will watch it for the first couple of weeks, get the hang of knowing when to use your electrical appliances and stop looking at the monitor.

If you’re the sort of person who has every gadget going then a solar monitor will be one of the “must have” solar gadgets, if you’re still only using a fraction of your smartphone’s capability then you probably don’t need a monitor.

Here’s a great example

“Don loves his solar gadgets – I find it a pest because every time the tick shows he inists I do the washing!  Don’t mind the washing – it’s the ironing I hate.”

We loaned this couple a meter first to see if they would use it – they do and we’ve invoiced them for the unit, but they got to try it before they bought it and avoided spending lots of extra cash on a monitor they wouldn’t use.

Nigel’s ECO Store is a great online store that we’re hoping to work with soon, while we’re setting all of that up why not have a look at some of their brilliant solar gadgets.